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Optimove capsules against joint and back pain have proven their effectiveness at every stage of pathology. To help your joints regain their former movement and strength, leave a request on the order form on the official website in Slovenia. Once you have filled in the Name and Phone fields, you order a phone call, which does not oblige you for anything. The operator will advise you absolutely free of charge.

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Physical activity is the basis of life

Joint pain regulates our plans

The normal rhythm of life requires constant activity from us. Movement and health are inextricably linked. When faced with joint pain for the first time, a person needs to significantly adjust his plans and daily routine.

Optimove recently appeared on the market of medical products in Slovenia, but managed to establish itself as an effective, reliable medicine with an optimal composition against joint pain of various etymologies. No matter what treatment is required, Optimove capsules have a beneficial effect on the joints in the following cases:

In this situation, it is important to start restorative therapy immediately in order to strengthen the joints, relieve swelling, inflammation and pain. Only an integrated approach demonstrated by the chondroprotector Optimove is able to provide a visible result in treatment. Choosing the right medicine ensures a considerable part of success.

Prevention with Optimove eliminates the disease

Unfortunately, tissue changes in the joints are irreversible without proper treatment. If timely treatment of joints is not carried out, then it is possible to provoke the development of serious diseases, such as: arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis, gout. The more time spent without treatment, the more severe the complications. Over time, joint pathologies lead to complications of normal movements up to a complete loss of mobility.

Optimove capsules are an excellent prophylactic agent against joint and back pain. This drug belongs to the class of chondroprotectors according to the type of active substances in its composition. Their structure is similar to the basic elements that form cartilage tissue. Their purpose is to prevent destructive changes in the joint and its rapid recovery through active nutrition with substances that form the joint.

Chondroprotector Optimove belongs to the fifth generation of drugs

Optimove is the fifth generation of chondroprotectors

In the history of the development of the line of drugs of the class of chondroprotectors, several stages can be traced, accompanied by qualitative changes in their composition. With the advent of new data on processes occurring in the joints, as well as the most effective ingredients for the treatment of joints, the drug formula has also changed.

The first generation

Animal cartilage was used as a raw material for the production of first generation preparations.

The second generation

The basis of second-generation drugs consisted of substances such as glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, and hyaluronic acid.

Third generation

The composition of the third generation preparations was based on chondroitin sulfate hydrochloride.

The fourth generation

The fourth generation was marked by the fact that in the composition of preparations for the treatment of joints, preference was given to natural ingredients.

Optimove is a unique medicine of its kind, belonging to the fifth generation of common products. After absorbing the best from the experience of previous generations, Optimove demonstrates greater bio-availability of active ingredients, which allows you to recover the joint in a shorter time, including relieving pain, swelling and inflammation, and strengtheningof cartilage tissue.

Slovenia has a relatively large selection of drugs for similar purposes. However, Optimove has a number of advantages over analogues:

Unique formula Optimove

Clinical trials

Clinical trials of the drug Optimove were conducted at the European Institute of Orthopedics in 2018. As participants, 1700 volunteers with joint disease at different stages were examined. The data collected at the end of the experiment clearly show the efficacy and safety of using Optimove for the treatment of joints and spine.

As a result of the research, the subjects noticed:

After a course of taking Optimove, cartilage tissue recovered


Complete cure for arthritis, osteoarthritis, sciatica and other joint diseases


Improving joint mobility


Elimination of joint discomfort over a period of up to 60 minutes after taking Optimove


Lack of addiction or negative reactions of the body


Optimove directed effect on articulation

The course of treatment with Optimove restores joint health
  1. Relieves pain almost immediately.
  2. It relieves swelling in the joints, relieving stress from the damaged area and helping the active substances to penetrate deep into the joints.
  3. Regenerates bone and cartilage tissue, completely restoring the joint and restoring it to health.

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Doctor's review

Doctor Doctor - orthopedist Nada Nada
Doctor - orthopedist
24 years old
For healing injured joints, I recommend Optimove capsules for my patients in Slovenia. Its directed action not only eliminates the symptoms but also alleviates the disease itself. Using the course of capsules allows you to achieve a cure at different stages of the disease. In my practice, patients with indications for prosthetics refused surgery after a course of Optimove. For older people, I would recommend prophylactic use. If you plan to restore joint movement and strength, be sure to try this unique remedy.